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Settling In: The Researcher's Guide to Your University


  Topic Subtopics Activities At your University
Introduction     At your University
1. The research context Understanding the national and institutional contexts of your research
(For each topic, read the topic material via the link in this column before reading the subtopic material)
1.1 Working as a researcher in a research-intensive university Optional activity - Induction interview checklist At your University 1.1
  1.2 Getting published    
2. Settling into your local research community What you need to know within your organisational area 2.1 Planning your meeting with your supervisor Discussion with your supervisor  
  2.2 Setting up your research and web profiles At your University 2.2
  2.3 Building your research networks
3. Your role as a researcher Identifying your role, capabilities, and needs as a researcher 3.1 Working as a researcher Optional activity - Self-reflection  
    3.2 Researcher roles and contributions
4. Managing your research priorities 4.1 Priority management Optional activity - Personal reflection At your University 4
  4.2 Time management
  4.3 Career management
  4.4 Managing your performance Optional activity - Roles and responsibilities  
  4.5 Managing your research projects
5. Research mentorship The nature and usefulness of research mentorship 5.1 What is mentorship? Optional activity - Self-reflection At your University 5.1
  5.2 Why is mentorship important for researchers?
  5.3 Types of research mentors
  5.4 The successful mentor
  5.5 The successful mentee
  5.6 Identifying suitable mentors
  5.7 Initiating a mentoring relationship
  5.8 Sustaining the relationship
6. Progressing your research career
How to investigate the nature of research project management in more detail
6.1 An outline of the "Future Research Leaders Program" modules   At your University 6
    6.2 How module participation can help you