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Settling In: The Researcher's Guide to Your University

5.1 What is mentorship?

A mentor is someone who can assist you in reflecting, planning, and managing your career and research activities. Mentors are often more experienced senior colleagues who share their knowledge and expertise with you to assist with your decision-making. Their knowledge of you and your background, combined with an informed assessment of the environment in which you are operating, enables the provision of sound advice and guidance. Mentors can also be peers who are negotiating similar challenges and research contexts. By sharing their own insights and learning, peer mentors offer an important mirror and emotional support during times of change and growth.

This topic will explore the development of a mentoring relationship from the stance of a self-initiated relationship. You may also be in the fortunate position of being at a university where mentoring relationships are being formally assisted by your institution. If that is the case, details of those activities will be listed here. If it is not the case, don't be too concerned. This topic will ensure you can initiate, sustain, and manage a great mentoring relationship and also be a terrific mentor for others.

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