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Settling In: The Researcher's Guide to Your University

6.2 How module participation can help you

It was mentioned earlier in this module that a risk for many researchers is that they do not feel they can take the time to participate in development activities. However, researchers subsequently note that this reasoning is a false economy: their work practices remain inefficient and less effective as a consequence. You are strongly encouraged to select one or two modules to undertake this year as part of your development goals. Hopefully they will prove so useful that you will return for more!

There are many persuasive reasons for taking the time to participate in the Future Research Leaders Program. Some of these are listed below.

  • Obviously, the modules in themselves offer you considerable guidance on better research project management practice. They have been designed with the guidance of many senior researchers and research agencies from leading universities, the ARC, NHMRC, and other professional bodies.
  • The modules reflect a higher standard of research practice. As a researcher, you are strongly encouraged to reflect those principles. Further, the modules provide you with ready guidance on your own university's principles and policies. You don't have to go looking – they are all there for you.
  • A major benefit of the program is its encouragement of researcher interaction. The workshops are designed to enhance the written materials and to provide you with an opportunity to interact with your peers. It is amazing how much is learned from colleagues in settings like these – and the chance for ongoing collaboration often emerges from discussion of what you each research.
  • A third benefit relates to the time for reflection. Many of us rush from one job to the next without a chance to take a step back and reflect on our practices, progress, and directions. This program offers you that opportunity.
  • The learning you gain from each module has been designed to be immediately useful. This is particularly important as it means you can become more effective as soon as you finish.
  • This program is singular – we could not find another like it in the world! Don't miss out on accessing leading-edge research training. The program has been designed to assist you in being a better researcher.
  • Finally, the recognition from your participation will be something that you can note in discussions with your supervisors and in asking for more leadership roles.

Don't miss this invaluable opportunity – it will make a difference to how you work.

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