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Settling In: The Researcher's Guide to Your University

Topic 6: Progressing your research career

This brief topic reviews the project management skills you need to effectively work as a researcher. It introduces further modules provided through the Future Research Leaders Program. These all focus on different elements of the project management process and have been designed specifically for university researchers. The topic describes these modules and offers some guidance on which may be suitable. The flexible learning approach means that you can tailor the program to suit your needs. All modules comprise online learning materials which must be completed (typically, approximately 4 hours work) before a complementary and concluding workshop in your university.

Learning outcomes

After completing this topic you should be able to:

  • Describe the areas of research management in which you should be proficient to meet your current work requirements
  • Identify future research roles where you need to build new skills and capabilities
  • Identify the ongoing development options available to you.

Topic content

Read the following notes.

6.1 An outline of the Future Research Leaders Program modules

6.2 How module participation can help you

Beginning the modules

At this stage it is over to you. If you would like to participate in another module, simply go back to the Modules in the Future Research Leaders Program page, click on the module of your choice and you will be taken to that site.


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