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Module 1: Research Strategy and Planning


  Topic Subtopics Activities At your University
1. Research strategy – an introduction
For each topic, read the topic material via the link in this column before reading the subtopic material.
1.1 National and institutional research strategies Activity 1: Looking at your university's strategic plan At your University 1.1
    1.2 Research strengths and critical mass    
  1.3 Your research strategy Activity 2: Your research strategy  
  1.4 Research teams    
2. Research planning – scope and concept 2.1 The idea Activity 3: Prepare a SWOT analysis At your University 2.1
  2.2 Building blocks   At your University 2.2
  2.3 People support    
  2.4 Clarifying your project scope    
  2.5 Funding considerations   At your University 2.5
  2.6 Timelines    
3. Project funding – grant seeking 3.1 Understanding the grant scheme At your University 3.1
  3.2 Promoting your proposal Activity 4: Prepare a sound bite At your University 3.2
  3.3 The politics of funding   At your University 3.3
  3.4 The consequences of success    
4. Basic research project management principles 4.1 Research project management Activity 5: Managing research projects – a self-review  
  4.2 Project management process    
  4.3 Project management areas Activity 6: What makes projects challenging?  
  4.4 Developing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  4.5 Employing the WBS in your project planning and management
  4.6 Overview of project management strategies – design phase At your University 4.6
  4.7 Overview of project management strategies – planning phase At your University 4.7
  4.8 Overview of project management strategies – implementation phase
  4.9 Overview of project management strategies – closeout and evaluation phase
  4.10 Creating a project plan Activity 7: Create your own project plan  
Module review and completion Frequently asked questions
  Record of completion Guided conversation
The instructions for the guided conversation are in the "Record of completion" document.
At your University