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Module 1: Research Strategy and Planning

Topic 3: Project funding – grant seeking

Having thought about the strategic context of your research, developed an idea that you feel is achievable, and assembled a team to work with you to achieve the desired outcome, you now need to find an organisation that is willing to fund your project.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this topic you should be able to:

Activity 4: Prepare a sound bite

One of the most critical challenges you must achieve is describing your project in an engaging, meaningful, and exciting way. This takes practice and will get easier over time.  Many proposals require a short summary of 100 words to capture the essence of the project.  This is your advertisement, and it needs to grab the attention of people who do not know your field of study. 

Prepare a 'soundbite' (approximately 100 words) to explain to a potential funding body what your project is all about, and then have others critique it. Take their feedback on board and revise your summary. Try using this version at a dinner or cocktail party.  How did the audience respond?  Were they keen to hear more?  That is a good indication that you are getting there.


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