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Module 2: Commencement and Collaboration – Putting Ideas Into Practice

6.2 Procurement

At your University

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At the University of Sydney we have an annual round of NH&MRC major-equipment funding (Nov/Dec each year, managed by the Research Office) and the ARC Linkage Equipment Infracture and Facilities (LIEF) scheme (equipment/facilities > $133,000 – April/May each year, managed by the Research Office). Faculties may also provide equipment funding from their own allocations via a competitive process.

Equipment purchased under these schemes is owned by the university and is listed on the university’s asset register. Equipment purchases must be in accordance with university purchasing policy and must involve the strategic sourcing and procurement team (x12724) to ensure that the best terms and conditions of supply are negotiated.

Departing researchers need to ensure appropriate handover and management of equipment to ensure the university continues to meet obligations to sponsors.