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Module 2: Commencement and Collaboration – Putting Ideas Into Practice


  Topic Subtopics Activities At your University
Introduction     At your University
  1. Forming Successful collaborations
For each topic, read the topic material via the link in this column before reading the subtopic material
1.1 Finding the right collaborator/partner What constitutes quid pro quo in a collaboration?  
  1.2 Potential points of difference with collaborators   At your University 1.2.a
At your University 1.2.c
  2. Project commencement – key tasks
For each topic, read the topic material via the link in this column before reading the subtopic material.
2.1 Finding mentors and advisers   At your University 2
At your University 2.1
  2.2 Project plan: setting project goals and research targets    
  2.3 Milestones and timelines   At your University 2.3
  2.4 Budgeting and funding    
  2.5 Ownership of intellectual property and other complex legal issues    
    2.6 Establishing successful stakeholder relationships Identifying stakeholders and their objectives  
3. Management – small, medium and large projects 3.1 Management roles and responsibilities for small, medium, and large (optional) research projects Safeguarding the Murray-Darling– Management arrangements for a medium-sized project At your University 3
At your University 3.1
4. Establishing the identity and profile of your project 4.1 Badging and establishing a public profile Draft a press release At your University 4
5. Recruiting the project team 5.1 Identification of legislative and policy requirements   At your University 5
At your University 5.1
    5.2 Recruiting the right person   At your University 5.2
  5.3 Therecruitment interview    
  5.4 Orientation and induction At your University 5.4
6. Implementing the project plan 6.1 Managing risk in your project Complete a risk analysis of components of a project plan At your University 6
  6.2 Procurement   At your University 6.2
  6.3 Communication, record keeping, and decision-making processes    
Module review and completion Frequently Asked Questions
  Record of completion Guided conversation
The instructions for the guided conversation are in the Record of completion document.
At your University