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Module 2: Commencement and Collaboration – Putting Ideas Into Practice

2.1 Finding mentors and advisers

If you have not had experience in managing your own research project (including financial management of your own project), you may find it useful to identify someone who may be willing to advise or mentor you through the management of your project. These individuals may be more experienced consultants or project managers who can provide you with guidance and assistance in the commencement of your project and the management of your collaborations. Your Head of Department and/or Dean/Director may be able to assist you to identify an appropriate adviser/mentor. If you wish to learn more about research mentoring you are encouraged to read Topic 5 of the ‘Settling In’ module.

Most universities offer a range of support services to researchers. Some services that can be useful at the commencement of your research project include:

  • Academic mentoring services (usually offered at a faculty/school level)
  • Workshops and information sessions on topics such as research project management, financial management, staff recruitment, and legal and contractual requirements for accepting funding. These sessions are usually run by university research offices, finance offices, human resources, and legal offices.
  • Publications including handbooks, policies, and procedures. These documents include researcher handbooks, research codes of conduct, and procedures for applying for funding, accepting funding, and managing research projects.

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