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Module 3: Conducting Research Responsibly - Protecting Yourself, Your Research and Your University


  Topic Subtopics Activities At your University
Introduction     At your University
1. The research context 1.1 Reputation management   At your University 1
    1.2 The international context    
  1.3 The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research    
  1.4 Working within university protocols and maintaining good relations with relevant university agencies "Who gets hurt?" –Safeguarding the Murray-Darling case study activity 1
List of research opportunities
2. Grant-holder responsibilities 2.1 Expectations of funding bodies   At your University 2
  2.2 Administering research funds    
  2.3 Maintaining accountability "Juggling the funds" – Safeguarding the Murray–Darling case study, activity 2  
  2.4 Recognising conflict of interest Identifying a conflict of interest  
3 Research integrity 3.1 Research integrity   At your University 3
At your University 3.1
  3.2 Publication and dissemination of research findings   At your University 3.2
  3.3 Authorship "Who is an author?" –Safeguarding the Murray-Darling case study activity 3
"Who is an author 2?" –Safeguarding the Murray-Darling case study activity 4
At your University 3.3
  3.4 Ethics and biosafety clearances and committees   At your University 3.4
  3.5 Research misconduct and questionable research practices "Correcting an error" – Safeguarding the Murray-Darling case study activity 5  
  3.6 Research confidentiality    
  3.7 Ethical funding    
4 Managing your research records 4.1 Responsible record keeping


  4.2 Research data access and sharing    
  4.3 Research data ownership    
  4.4 Retaining research data
  4.5 Electronic data "Who gets the data?" –Safeguarding the Murray-Darling case study activity 6
"The data has flown?" –Safeguarding the Murray-Darling case study activity 7
  4.6 Collaborative research    
  4.7 Data management planning   At your University 4.7
5 Knowledge capture and preservation 5.1 Regulatory approvals   At your University 5.1
  5.2 Higher degree supervision   At your University 5.2
  5.3 Hands-on or hands-off? What will work for you? "The engineering 'star'" –Safeguarding the Murray-Darling case study activity 8  
Module review and completion Frequently asked questions
  Record of completion Guided conversation
The instructions for the guided conversation are in the Record of completion.
At your University