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Record of completion

Your university will record your participation in whichever modules you undertake.

In order to complete each FRLP module, you are required to attend the module Workshop and to conduct a Guided Conversation with an experienced researcher at your university.

An official Certificate of Completion will be provided to all participants who complete the entire Future Research Leaders Program. To obtain this certificate you will need to download the Record of Completion as you complete each module and obtain the necessary signatures. You will require signatures from:

  • the Workshop facilitator
  • a commercialisation officer

Keep each of these documents and when you have completed all the numbered modules send all the Records of Completion to your university's FRLP coordinator:

The Record of Completion is provided as a Word document for you to download and print out.

Record of completion (click on this link to download the Word file)

Record of completion (if you prefer, click on this link to download the same file in rtf format)

You are required to conduct a guided conversation with an approved experienced researcher. You must provide this person with:

  • the web address of the FRLP
  • the name of the module you intend to discuss with them
  • the access login and password you were given (to enable them to familiarise themselves with the material if they so wish)
  • A copy of the Record of Completion

For the purposes of this module, a person designated as an 'experienced researcher' is a research project leader with experience in issues of governance and compliance.