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Module 3: Conducting Research Responsibly - Protecting Yourself, Your Research, and Your University

2.2 Administering research funds

As a named investigator on a funded project, you should have facilities to:

  • Open a research account
  • Have a process for managing research expenditure
  • Employ appropriate staff
  • Invoice external parties.

You can see that these are a shared responsibility with your university. However, as a researcher, you are the one in the position to certify that funds expended for a specific project have been spent on eligible items only. It is worth considering whether your research is sufficiently documented for your university and your co-investigators to be aware that expenditure is consistent with the originally stated aims and objectives of the funded work, will facilitate its timely completion, and are fully expended on the intended work.

Are you aware of any necessary co-funding requirements for receiving and expending funds? (e.g. ARC Linkage projects require that industry funding is appropriately invoiced, received, and documented).

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