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Module 3: Conducting Research Responsibly - Protecting Yourself, Your Research, and Your University

Topic 2: Grant-holder responsibilities

With the award of research funding comes the expectation that grant holders will comply with research-related institutional policies and that, as a named investigator, you will be responsible for carrying out the project in a timely and financially responsible manner and acknowledge the source of funds when the findings are published. In seeking research funding you will be expected to recognise when conflicts of interest are present and be aware when a conflict of effort could arise to prevent you devoting appropriate time to each project you are pursuing.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Understand the expectations of funding bodies
  • Describe the responsibilities of a named investigator
  • Identify issues relating to managing research expenditure
  • Hold an overall view on conflict of interest.

Topic content

Read the following notes.
2.1 Expectations of funding bodies
2.2 Administering research funds
2.3 Maintaining accountability
2.4 Recognising conflict of interest


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