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Module 3: Conducting Research Responsibly – Protecting Yourself, Your Research, and Your University

Topic 5.2 Higher-degree supervision

As a researcher you have an individual responsibility, but as a supervisor of research students, you have the additional responsibility of actively ensuring that higher-degree research students are aware of the codes of conduct that apply (and are aware of all the other information and advice available to support their compliance). You should discuss with your students whether there are any licences, permits, or permissions required prior to commencing the research. They should be aware of whether their work requires:

  • Human ethics approval
  • Animal ethics approval
  • Gene technology approval
  • Biosafety approval
  • Import approval for material
  • Licences to access certain areas
  • Licences to use certain materials
  • Permissions from government agencies or communities.

Their research may also involve:

  • Native flora and fauna
  • Historical or cultural artifacts
  • Travel permits
  • Access to premises or regions
  • Scheduled poisons
  • Scheduled carcinogens
  • Radiation sources.

In addition to the compliance aspects involved, as a supervisor you assume the frontline duty-of-care for research students.

Does your university have any policies or procedures in place that outline the responsibilities of higher-degree supervisors?

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