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Module 3: Conducting Research Responsibly – Protecting Yourself, Your Research, and Your University

Topic 5: Other governance and compliance issues

Meeting governance requirements is essential for maintaining an ethical and robust research community. Compliance is what we do to ensure that we meet the requirements of the law relating to our activities. There is an expectation that, to ensure compliance, you will work together with your university to fulfill an obligation to staff, students, and to the wider community. Failure to comply with the law can have serious consequences for people, the environment, and your university, either through injury, physical or financial damage, or though damage to reputation. In essence, compliance is a way of working fairly, safely, and responsibly and should be integrated into all aspects of research.

Learning outcomes for the module

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Hold an informed view on governance and compliance issues in your research.

Topic Content

5.1 Regulatory approvals
5.2 Higher-degree supervision
5.3 Hands-on or hands-off? What will work for you?


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