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Module 4: Intellectual property and commercialisation


  Topic Subtopics Activities At your University
Introduction     At your University
1. Intellectual property (IP) in a university context 1.1 Types of intellectual property Activity 1: What IP issues need to be resolved?
Activity 2: IP in your research project
At your University 1
At your University 1.1
    1.2 Protecting IP internationally    
    1.3 Key issues in IP management   At your University 1.3
2. Commercialisation and Translation 2.1 The commercialisation process – an overview Activity 3: Research project reflections At your University 2
  2.2 Stages and pathways At your University 2.2
  2.3 Funding
  2.4 Role of the researcher
  2.5 Realising a return Optional activity: Read the examples of successful commercialisation ventures  
Module review and completion Frequently Asked Questions
  Record of completion Guided conversation