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Module 5: Financial, Resource and Risk Management


On-line reading materials for participants

Participants are required read the on-line materials prior to attending the workshop.

  Topic Subtopics Activities At your University
1. Introduction 1.1 The financial management cycle of a research project Activity 1: The research finance context at your university At your University
    1.2 Costing principles    
2. Costing research proposals 2.1 Reviewing your project budget needs and priorities Activity 2.1: What do you cost?  
  2.2 Estimating direct costs Optional Activity 2.2 Case Study
Optional activity 2.2 Answers and budgeting template
Optional Activity 2.2
Salary oncost calculations
  2.3 Identifying what will not be funded
  2.4 Estimating indirect Costs
  2.5 Estimating salary on-costs
  2.6 Estimating total on-costs
  2.7 Other issues
3. Preparing and managing a research project budget 3.1 What is a budget? Activity 3: Estimating your project costs
Sample costing template
Sample budget template
  3.2 The benefits of budgeting
  3.3 Why you need to prepare a budget for your research project
  3.4 What do I need to include in my budget?
  3.5 Setting up the project budget
  3.6 Creating processes and protocols for expenditure
  3.7 Reporting system
  3.8  Monitoring and control
4. Risk assessment and management
4.1 The risk management process Activity 4 Create a risk matrix  
  4.2 Benefits of risk management
  4.3 Example of a risk assessment technique    
  4.4 Internal control
  4.5 Managing and monitoring your grant
5. Financial reporting 5.1 General principles Activity 5: Check a research project
  5.2 Overview of the accounting process    
  5.3 Accounting for research fund revenue
  5.4 Accounting for research fund expenditure
  5.5 Use of research funds
  5.6 Assigning costs
  5.7 Limits to research fund expenditure
  5.8 Financial reporting and acquittal requirements
  5.9 What to do if your grant is not tracking well financially
Glossary of financial and accounting terms      
Module review and completion Frequently Asked Questions
  Record of completion Guided conversation
The instructions for the guided conversation are in the Record of completion.
At your University


Financial management checklist for a research project

Sample ARC grant applications:

ARC LE fullversion
ARC_DP fullversion
ARC salaries_stipends_2011