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Module 6: Grant and Contract Administration


  Topic Subtopics Activities At your University
Introduction     At your University
1. Administration of research grants
For each topic, read the topic material via the link in this column before reading the subtopic material.
1.1 Nature of research grants
1.1.1 Common features of research grants
1.1.2 Funding bodies and their expectations
  At your University 1
At your University 1.1.1
At your University 1.1.2
  1.2 Managing research grants
  1.2.1 Key documents guiding the management of your grant Review the funding agreement for your current project At your University 1.2.1
  1.2.2 Researcher/project goals
  1.2.3 Ethical and biosafety clearances   At your University 1.2.3
  1.2.4 Managing your budget    
  1.2.5 Personnel At your University 1.2.5
  1.2.6 Financial reports   At your University 1.2.6
  1.2.7 Project reports View project report examples and create your own report list At your University 1.2.7
  1.2.8 Accountability and transparency Keeping your records At your University 1.2.8
  1.2.9 Modification of grant Case study: Professor Stupendous wins a fellowship At your University 1.2.9
2. Administration of research contracts 2.1 Nature of research contracts
  2.1.1 The difference between consulting and engaging in research At your University 2.1.1
  2.1.2 The structure of a research contract Case study: Why do I need to worry about all this stuff?  
  2.2 Managing research contracts
  2.2.1 Communication and managing mutual understanding Communication audit  
  2.2.2 Milestones and money At your University 2.2.2
  2.2.3 Deliverables: reports vs publications Publishing problem  
  2.2.4 Other issues identical to managing research grants
3. Project time management 3.1 Managing your own time At your University 3
  3.2 Defining critical timelines
Module review and completion Frequently asked questions
  Record of completion Guided conversation
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