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Module 6: Grant and Contract Administration

Topic 3: Project time management

You really need to get serious about this. If you cannot manage your time you won’t be able to manage your projects effectively, and this will be reflected in your outcomes. Furthermore, if you get a reputation for poor management, for not being able to meet project deadlines, you will find it difficult to attract new funding.

Time and resource management are essential skills for the research manager. Module 1 and Module 2 of the Future Research Leaders Program look at the researcher’s role in research project management generally, and Module 5 covers financial, resource, and risk management.

Project time management is included as a topic in this module because it is critical to the successful administration of your grant or contract. When designing a schedule that allows you to meet your project goals and reporting requirements, you must also allow time for all the other activities in which you and your project personnel are involved, not least of which is planning and writing applications for new grants.

The information in this section provides general advice on how to organise your own time and on how to schedule activities and targets for your project as part of the grant/contract administration process.

It is strongly recommended that you enrol in a time management course.

Learning outcomes

After completing this topic you should be able to:

  • Quantify the amount of time you have available for the mix of activities in which you are involved
  • List and prioritise your tasks in order to manage your time effectively
  • Develop a template for scheduling tasks and managing project timelines.

Topic content

3.1 Managing your own time

3.2 Defining critical timelines – scheduling tasks and outcomes


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