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Module 7: Leading and Managing People in a Research Context


  Topic Subtopics Activities At your university
1. Research Leadership 1.1 Vision setting    
  1.2 Culture    
1.3 Leadership    
1.4 Knowing yourself Optional activity  
1.5 A high-performance culture    
2. Leadership and Management 2.1 The nature of a research team    
2.2 Ensuring a safe environment At your University2.2
2.3 Promoting an equitable environment   At your University2.3
3. Leading Teams 3.1 Organisation and communication  
3.2 Setting and maintaining standards    
3.3 Virtual teams    
4. Managing individuals 4.1 Motivation  
  4.2 Performance expectations At your University4.2
4.3 Feedback    
4.4 Developing the individual
4.5 Developing yourself as a leader
4.6 Caring for your staff as individuals At your University4.6
Module review and completion Frequently asked questions
  Record of completion   At your University