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Module 8: Project Closeout


  Topic Sub-topics Activities At your university
1. The importance of closing out
For each topic, read the topic material via the link in this column before reading the subtopic material.
1.1 Benefits of effective project closeout  
  1.2 Implications of ineffective project closeout    
  1.3 Project closeout and the project capability maturity model
  1.4 Project management & project closeout support Optional Activity: Reviewing Closeout Checklists  
2. Project closeout compliance requirements 2.1 Implications of not meeting project closeout compliance requirements  
  2.2 Client/sponsor obligations management  
  2.3 Reporting obligations    
  2.4 Acquittal of assets and materials    
  2.5 Acquittal of confidential material
  2.6 Publications
  2.7 Higher degree research students
  2.8 Indemnity and insurance
  2.9 Managing project staff
  2.10 Financial data management
  2.11 Data management
  2.12 Intellectual property management
3. Project review and evaluation 3.1 What is a successful project? Optional activity: Planning a review meeting  
  3.2 Types and timing of project reviews  
  3.3 How to do a good post-project review    
  3.4 The structure of a post-project review report    
  3.5 Getting students to do a post-project review    
4. Using project closeout to your advantage 4.1 Following through on your communication plan Optional activity: Research project websites  
  4.2 Maintaining publishing impetus    
  4.3 Celebrating success    
5. Project closeout at your university   At your university
Module review and completion Frequently Asked Questions
  Checklist Quick quiz  
  Record of completion   At your university
  Module workshop