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Module 8: Project Closeout

Topic 1: Quick quiz

* The answers to these questions are at the bottom of this page.

  1. Which of the following are common mistakes that occur regarding post-project reviews?

    A) Reviews are conducted by non-team members

    B) The organisation is too busy to conduct reviews

    C) Reviews are conducted primarily on failures or disasters

    D) Both B and C are correct

    E) A, B, and C are all correct

  2. Factors that can influence the amount of effort and time taken in post-project review include:

    A) Problems encountered during the life of the project

    B) The size and cost of the project

    C) The risk associated with the project

    D) Both A and C are correct

    E) A, B, and C are all correct

  3. In determining the amount of effort and time taken in a post-project review, which of the following is not a determining factor?

    A) Project length

    B) Organisation size

    C) Project importance

    D) Project size

    E) Project risk

  4. A good guideline when conducting post-project reviews is to:

    A) Use only verifiable data

    B) Be very sensitive to those being evaluated

    C) Include comments about groups or individuals as appropriate

    D) Perform the review with utmost secrecy and confidentiality

    E) Identify problem individuals if they exist

  5. To improve the chances for a successful post-project review, all the following should be done except:

    A) Complete the review as quickly as possible

    B) Ensure that data accuracy is verifiable

    C) Include comments about groups or individuals as appropriate

    D) Give the project reviewer leader access to management above the project manager

    E) Provide the review team with access to all data, team members, and customers

  6. Post-project reviews are least likely to occur:

    A) At the end of the project

    B) At points where project budget amounts are reached

    C) When major milestones are reached

    D) When they are unplanned

    E) All of these are equally likely

  7. An important objective of a post-project review is that:

    A) A lot of recommendations are made

    B) The outcome represents an independent, outside view of the project

    C) Only factual, non-subjective data is used

    D) The members of the review team are kept secret

    E) Only a select few people know that the post-project review is being conducted

  8. Which of the following is the highest level of achievement according to the project management maturity model?

    A) Institutionalisation of Project Management

    B) Management of Project Management System

    C) Ad Hoc Project Management

    D) Optimisation of Project Management System

    E) Formal Application of Project Management

  9. The project closure process includes which of the following:

    A) Shutting down resources and releasing to new uses

    B) Reassigning project team members

    C) Conducting a post-project review

    D) Getting acceptance of project deliverables from the project funder

    E) Closing accounts and seeing all bills are paid

    F) All of the above

  10. Post-project reviews include performance evaluations of:

    A) The project team

    B) The individual team members

    C) The project manger

    D) Both A and C are correct

    E) A, B, and C are all correct

Answers to the Quick quiz

1. D
2. E
3. A
4. B
5. C
6. D
7. B
8. D
9. F
10. E