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Module 8: Project Closeout

1.2 Implications of ineffective project closeout

And what can happen when projects aren’t closed out properly? The sorts of things that might go wrong include:

  • Having to make up shortfalls in funding from other funding sources (such as income gained from consulting work);
  • Having to find additional salary for project staff at the end of contracts because, for example, severance pay based on length of service has not been factored into the original budget or the relevant HR forms are not completed and submitted for processing at the right time;
  • Having to return funds because they are spent on different things to those that are specified in the project plan, contract and agreed milestones;
  • Having to return money because of failure to deliver against milestones;
  • Losing entitlement to the final installment of project funds because the final report milestone is not satisfactory and there is insufficient time or resource available to revise it;
  • Reputational damage to the research team and institution, with consequences for future research funding and individual careers.
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