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Module 8: Project Closeout

2.6 Publications

Publication of project results may be subject to the agreement with the granting body, and may be constrained by commercial, IP, confidentiality and other considerations. On the other hand, some agreements may require the research project team to publish and promote their work in particular ways, perhaps in consultation with the granting body.

Effective project management involves an awareness from the outset of end-of-project publication limitations/requirements, and steers the project so as to achieve those required outcomes. A good manager also remains alert to commercialization possibilities that may arise in the course of the project, consulting on this at an early stage with the university’s commercialization unit, and discussing with team members the potential impact on planned publications.

Leading and managing the publications regime of a research project can present many challenges. Researchers may be keen to push the boundaries on confidentiality and commercialization restrictions, in order to maintain their publication record and research profile. And much of the key publication work may take place after the formal completion of the project, as the initial research results become subjected to further analysis. It is therefore important that these issues are discussed openly and regularly, and that a team consensus and ethos develops around them.

Publication may also be an issue for PhD or Masters by research students employed through research projects – see the following section.


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