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Module 8: Project Closeout

3.5 Getting students to do a post-project review

Given that two of the most common reasons for not completing a post-project review are lack of time and budget, it seems that universities are actually well placed to have post-project reviews completed by student groups that are not associated with the project (such as students from business-related departments and faculties).

Post-project reviews are discrete activities and students can offer a good opportunity to have an objective post-project review completed at little or no cost, apart from an investment of time from a key contact person on the project.

Objectivity and lack of knowledge about the technical content of a project can be a major advantage in being able to communicate project benefits. Project staff working closely on the project often assume that people external to the project have more understanding that they actually have, and so what seems obvious to project staff often goes unexplained in communications.

Student review can therefore be a very useful and cost effective approach, whilst at the same time providing the benefit of a project for students to complete their training requirements.

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