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Module 8: Project Closeout

4.1 Following through on your communication plan

As part of the preparation for a project, it is a good idea to develop a communication plan (see Module 2: Commencement and Collaboration – Putting Ideas Into Practice for more detail on this tool). This document should assist in identifying how project publicity may be dispersed throughout the project lifecycle.

At project closeout it is most important that any outcomes from the project be disseminated and publicised. The project closeout plan should focus on building some robust avenues for marketing which can be maintained past the closure of the project. The following strategies might form part of that plan:

  • Convene a meeting with your key stakeholders and review the findings and draft report. Ensure a photograph is taken of the group and retain this as part of the archival material for use as required. Identify any elements of the project that require further marketing. Agree on a plan to ensure that marketing is completed.
  • Prepare a report on the project and place a copy in the library and on the website as well as in the archive of the project. You may also wish to send a copy to all of your stakeholders. Ensure a follow-on email address is provided.
  • Review the website to ensure it is likely to remain engaging and current once the project closes. Ensure all major findings and reports are retrievable. Ensure there is a suitable email contact address where enquiries can be forwarded for ongoing consideration.
  • Develop a short feature article highlighting the project achievements and arrange for its publication in your university magazine, local paper or the national paper.
  • Speak to your public relations department about a media release to highlight the project outcomes. They will assist you with matching the right strategy with a suitable media outlet.
  • Continue to maintain the archival record of the project as new press clipping and other artifacts are generated.
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