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Module 8: Project Closeout

4.2 Maintaining publishing impetus

A major risk at the end of the project relates to your publishing. It is possible that some elements of the project may have lagged and that this may have compromised the completion of all of your planned publications. It is also possible that the review process took far longer than you hoped. In either case, there may be outstanding articles awaiting final resolution. The following strategies may therefore prove useful in managing the ongoing publication of articles under review or awaiting development/review.

  • Make a list of outstanding papers out for review or in progress and ensure they are monitored on a regular basis
  • Budget for a focused working time away from other distractions to work on any outstanding papers that still require development. This can help progress the paper to the point where revisions can be undertaken via email
  • When a review response is received, convene a meeting within a week of receipt. Allocate jobs to the authors and set tight deadlines to turn around any responses. Ensure all members are kept informed of any progress
  • Keep a file on each outstanding article so that the history and memory of the paper is readily retrievable as required
  • Maintain a record of the progress to see how long each step is taking. Pull the team together for a working period if the progress is too slow
  • Arrange a quarterly meeting of the authorial team to monitor progress on articles and their publication
  • Maintain a record of contact details of all contributors so that you can locate them if necessary
  • Maintain the team's focus on any unfinished papers. Meet fortnightly and generate a sense of urgency to ensure the paper is completed
  • If members leave before a paper is completed, review the authorial agreement that was previously established. Do the members still wish to contribute? If so, discuss how this will occur and what expectations will exist

It is most important that you do not lose the impetus on papers. The role of the leader in generating and sustaining the team commitment to writing up the results is a very major contribution to the outcomes of the project.

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