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Module 8: Project Closeout

Topic 4: Using project closeout to your advantage

Undertaking project closeout and review usually provides insights for the immediate participants of a project. The challenge, particularly for a university, is how to get those insights integrated into general research project management practice.

There are several approaches that organisations use to embed experience into practice:

  • Requiring that post-project reviews are presented formally to key staff and at other presentations;
  • Summarising key findings on an organisational intranet;
  • Linking lessons learned to strategic and project planning by referring reports to senior staff, for example on an intranet;
  • Integrating post-project reviews with a broader knowledge management database or process;
  • Making formal consultation with others who have done similar or related projects a requirements hurdle for project approval.

The challenge is collating knowledge and experience into a meaningful and accessible resource that others can benefit from and use, rather than a huge repository that people contribute to for compliance reasons.

This topic focuses on outlining strategies which can be undertaken to exploit the outcomes from a research project to gain recognition, motivate your team and attract further funding.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Develop a basic marketing communications plan
  • Outline some strategies for celebrating project success

Topic content

Read the following notes.

Optional activity

Research project websites

These days it is essential for a research project of any significant size to have an accessible, functional and visually appealing website, as the website is a principal means for profiling and disseminating your research, to industry and community audiences, as well as to your academic colleagues. How do the research project websites that you are working on, or that you are familiar with, measure up in this respect? And what kind of criteria might you measure them by? The European Commission has set out guidelines for website construction for projects funded under the EU Framework Program for Research**. Read through these guidelines critically. What would you adopt, prioritise, amend, reject etc. for the purposes of designing (or revising) websites for research projects that you are associated with? How would you ensure that the project website was maintained both during and after the project? What resourcing would you allocate to it?

Make some notes capturing your ideas about this, perhaps illustrating with screen shots from current websites or sketches of what you would like to see on a research project website. You may wish to bring these notes along to the workshop, as they may value add to the discussion.

** Available at: ‎ & download included with Module 8 WebsiteDesign.pdf

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